What was Myspace

We are a group of people who love our work who decided to open a website to capture all the content of fresh interior design and furniture found in the profiles of MySpace.

MySpace is a social network launched in 2003, which belonged to Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake. Two years later, this social network was purchased by News Corporation and Intermix and managed to position itself as one of the most visited social networks in the United States.

The following year began to lose fame since other social networks came out. The MySpace team tried, with several redesigns, to reposition the platform, but it didn’t work. In fact, they employed more than a thousand people and their staff had to be reduced.

Facebook managed to displace MySpace in 2008 since its growth was fast.


Emoticons that showed moods, music and personal content. It was a kind of blog that in its time lodged numerous pages of musical groups.