Goodbye to simple walls

Are you tired of the same flat-colored walls as always? Rebeca, in her MySpace profile, had the solution and today we bring it to you. We are talking about patterns for the wall, which can give a unique style to those walls of your home that used to be simpler. This time everything counts. There are countless designs that you can use or even you can do yourself. Here, are some ideas that you can use, or that can be…

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Lamps for all

For the roof, for the floor, for the wall, elongated, short, round, tubular… There are so many forms of lamps that it’s complicated to choose one. We’ve been thinking about this and, as usual, we were looking at MySpace profiles. This time it was Rachel who, with her profile, made things easier for us. We want to show you all the options you have to choose before you go shopping without having a clear idea. It may not be easy…

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