Chesterfield sofa is a classic

If we want to talk about comfort and English style, then we are talking about the Chesterfield sofa, which we found it on Carlos’s MySpace profile. This luxurious furniture appeared in the nineteenth century and, according to legend, was commissioned to build by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield: Philip Dormer Stanhope. It is certainly a piece of furniture that doesn’t go out of style. At first, it was a sofa made of leather, but with the advancement of time and its striking design,…

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Natural furniture

While we were reviewing the MySpace profiles, we realized that Ana’s profile had a lot of natural furniture. We wanted to investigate and It turned out that it was the new collection of IKEA, it’s a limited collection in which we were shown that you can have style and be natural at the same time. The furniture of IKEA are renowned for their quality, but now they prove that they are also able to do the work with their own…

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