If we want to talk about comfort and English style, then we are talking about the Chesterfield sofa, which we found it on Carlos’s MySpace profile. This luxurious furniture appeared in the nineteenth century and, according to legend, was commissioned to build by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield: Philip Dormer Stanhope. It is certainly a piece of furniture that doesn’t go out of style.

At first, it was a sofa made of leather, but with the advancement of time and its striking design, the style was changing and now we can find it in different ways, even more modern.

What makes this sofa so special is its upholstery with rows of buttons and it was designed to make it keep your back straight, which is why your back is at the height of the armrests. Before and now, the way in which it is built has the same purposes.

Using this sofa is a symbol of style and elegance. Currently, there are numerous modern models with which you can set your spaces. So if you are looking for a good option, this is definitely the ideal. Currently, you can find it in very striking colors and these pieces of furniture don’t lose the original idea.

This furniture is one of the most chosen at the time of retro decoration, that is why many manufacturers have dedicated to building it in more updated versions, this way they make it an easy option when adapting it to the decorations.

There is no limitation of colors for designers, they can make them from the simplest to the most far-fetched.