While we were reviewing the MySpace profiles, we realized that Ana’s profile had a lot of natural furniture. We wanted to investigate and It turned out that it was the new collection of IKEA, it’s a limited collection in which we were shown that you can have style and be natural at the same time.

The furniture of IKEA are renowned for their quality, but now they prove that they are also able to do the work with their own hands. This collection is inspired by Southeast Asia and Indonesia. It has a natural air, with furniture made from materials such as bamboo and cotton.

Karin Gustavsson, the coordinator of IKEA Jassa, defines the collection as «a fusion of many things». In addition, he emphasized that the collection combines modern designs with natural materials and traditional craft methods.

What makes this collection so unique and what we really love is the variety of colors it has. The color range is quite wide and everything looks great. It’s exaggerated, but not unpleasant. This encounter of emotions is what makes this collection special.

The design of furniture with bamboo had already been used before, but in this collection, they did know how to take advantage of them. They made tables, chairs, loungers … I don’t know about you, but we want to be sitting in one of them. The combination on the cushions is also unique. They seem to shine and do not follow an exact pattern.