Are you tired of the same flat-colored walls as always? Rebeca, in her MySpace profile, had the solution and today we bring it to you. We are talking about patterns for the wall, which can give a unique style to those walls of your home that used to be simpler.

This time everything counts. There are countless designs that you can use or even you can do yourself. Here, are some ideas that you can use, or that can be used to inspire you and find what you really want. It’s about being creative and not limiting yourself. In these examples, we’ll prove it to you.

The lines can work and in this example make it clear. With fine lines, they constructed geometric figures that give a hipster style to this wall. It can run on the walls of the home as well. A line here, another over there and voilà.

It is also valid to buy the figures and stick them on the wall. In the stores you can find countless stickers that just stick and ready, you have a different wall. Look at this picture, with black crosses she built an excellent pattern for her walls.

Is not that enough? Then try with a 3D pattern. Yes, as you read. There are also 3D decals for your guests to believe that your walls are carved by gods. It’s simple, take off the protective plastic and stick it. If you don’t want them on your walls, then on the ceiling you can too. We told you! It’s about being creative.

If you are interested in this article and want to make your own patterns for the wall, a good trick is to use masking tape and creativity. We have already given you the formula. It’s your turn now. Anyway, we will leave you tutorials to do it.

Hey! Before we leave we can’t leave the baby’s room empty. Something as simple as colored circles can work perfectly. You can take a cardboard, open a circle in the center and stick it with tape, then you paint the circle and ready. Just repeat the steps as many times as you want.