For the roof, for the floor, for the wall, elongated, short, round, tubular… There are so many forms of lamps that it’s complicated to choose one. We’ve been thinking about this and, as usual, we were looking at MySpace profiles. This time it was Rachel who, with her profile, made things easier for us.

We want to show you all the options you have to choose before you go shopping without having a clear idea. It may not be easy to choose one, but we’ll try to make things easier for you.

If you are interested in classic lamps, these are the ones you should choose. These ones are round and of a solid color, which you can combine with whatever you want. They are present in different colors so that is not a problem.

Another option that is very fashionable are hanging lamps. They are often used on high ceilings to make them look like strings. That doesn’t mean that if you have a roof not too high you can’t use them. They are valid at home and in the office.


So far we have talked about the typical ceiling lamps. But they can also be used on walls. Even if you have surface pipes you can take advantage of them to make them part of the decoration.

You can also on the floor. Surely you’ve seen those round lights that go inside the ceiling. Usually used in wardrobes. You can use them on the floor and take advantage of that line of light that can decorate your wall. It doesn’t look bad. We think you should take them into consideration.

If you want a lot more light then you can use light lines, which are a kind of tubes. Look at these used in a hall. They also took advantage of the tubes and made them part of the decoration.