What can not be missing in a home? A good carpet. Having one is almost as important as having chairs. The carpets are able to bring warmth to your home, give it color, comfort and that personal brand that characterizes us. To choose one we must know what we are going to use, what color we want, what are the trends and, of course, which is the one we like. We were reviewing the MySpace profiles and found in Luisana’s various options and places where you can use them.

We’re pretty sure you’re used to flat carpets, am I right? Well, this carpet is three-dimensional. Yes, you can use it to lie down to read a book or to sit and talk in its kind of curve. It can also be used for pets.

It’s no longer necessary to choose a carpet of a flat color to match everything, now you can choose from the large number of models and textures that exist, such as this striped white that has a hipster style. In addition, you can place furniture on top of it.

If you do not want to cover the whole carpet floor, you can use another one that will serve as a floor for your furniture. Like this: dark wood floor + furniture on the carpet. An elegant choice!

Carpets not only works in your home, you can also use them in the office. And why not? On the wall of your office too. Look what they achieved in these offices:


Finally, if you want to give a quilted style to your room, you can also use them as pictures or for the floor. It is not enough to say that you can use several in the same place, all different. It’s just a question of which ones to choose.